Our Physicians

Our Physicians and Staff are sensitive to meet the needs of our immigrant patients. They are courteous and eager to help.

A Note on Your Appointment:

Prism Medical will provide you with fully completed computerized I-693 form.
For your appointment, please bring your Passport or Passport Number, if available
Please bring any other form of ID – Driver’s License, State I.D., etc
Bring records of previous vaccinations, and know your history of Chicken Pox (Varicella)
Inform Doctor if you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy
No need to fast before Exam

Exam Procedures:

Simple physical exam
2-3 Vaccines may be given
T.B. Skin Test will be placed
Mandatory Follow-Up for T.B. Skin Test must occur in 48-72 hours, or test will be inaccurate and must be repeated.